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How To Boost Facebook Page For Free

Intro: How to Boost Fb page for free

Hello and welcome to Anam APK 8 in this tutorial we will learn how you can boost your Facebook page or Facebook post using virtual MasterCard we know that Facebook is a number one social network and we can promote our product on Facebook in pate and we can increase our sales and better response from our customer in a short time so everyone tries to promote their product on Facebook but here is a problem that is we know that Facebook does not allow a virtual MasterCard since 2017 but in this tutorial, we will learn how you can promote your page or post on Facebook using virtual MasterCard.

How to Boost Facebook Page:

So this is a simple way first you need to log in on your Facebook account and you have a
page on your Facebook account or you can create a page or under your Facebook on so I am already logging in my Facebook account and this is my pace that is all mine integration ID and now I’m going to on my page so I’m clicking here after clicking this button you will be related on your page so you can promote your Facebook page or post on this page and directly or you can go to the ad manager by clicking on the drop-down menu and you can click on advertising on Facebook those we want to promote our page or post directly from our Facebook page so we well no need to go on the Facebook ad manager directly ahead is our Facebook post. So promote page first you need to log in on your Facebook account then you need to enter your page and then you can select your post word post or which post you want to promote on Facebook or you can promote your page by clicking on the promote pattern but I am interested to promote a post those this is a video but I am on today I interested to promote it post okay so this is the post I am trying to promote okay so clicking boost post, okay you need finally trying to promote on Facebook in the first name you must accept their advertising policies once you break their advertising policies then your account will be suspended and Facebook actually never BEC the suspended account also be careful about your campaign when you tried to promote on Facebook actually I mean campaign means the Facebook post so this is the post and here is a target headed option you can even target your audience by.

Creating Audience Target:

Created new audience but clicking here or you can place your ad on automatic and after that, there is a deletion actually how many days you want to run this aired on Facebook I’m interested in seven days you can start your campaign okay for only one day and this is the total budget okay here is 31 by default and you can increase or decrease your budget so okay there is $50 this is my budget and here is the currency you can change your currency you know what you
want but I’m interested in you will see so this is the default currency and now you can click on the post button I’m clicking okay exploding

Add Virtual Card Details:

Now you need to enter your virtual MasterCard actually I’m entering my must card details
there is a card number and that is expert 8:02 okay after entering the edit card
details now a need to click on the continue button and I’m clicking here okay it’s loading you must have in balance on your card actually too many people are interested in virtual MasterCard but they keep zero balance on their cart and Facebook actually now center transaction requests on your cart once they get it’s blank then the Facebook actually suspended the account instantly so please if about 3 to 5 USD on your card balance and after that
please try this card on your Facebook account and this ad is in review and once the ad will be a proof and they will notify us ok so we need to wait about 20 minutes to 30 minutes they will Facebook will review the ad and once the ad approved then the ad will be run instantly.

After Approval Ad:

Facebook has been approved our ad and we can check out our appropriate by going to the ad Center you can click here to check your ad has been approved or not this ad has been approved and it will be run as soon as possible and you can now you can go to your home button and you can see her see but going to these more button I am clicking here and this way it exploding so I’m clicking we see more and here will be automatically added the ad manager upfront you can click on this button or you can click on the drop-down by double menu and tray you can click on ad manager.
Once I click on this ad manager Facebook will be in redirect you on Facebook advertising
the platform that is Facebook ad manager and here you can manage your ad and you can check out your billing threshold and you can do everything on Facebook advertising here is an ad we have created about one hour ago and now it’s active so actually, we can check out our billing threshold by click on the ad manager and here is a billing option and we need to click on this button billing

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