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How to Submit a Request For a Job

How to Submit a Request For a Job


Tips and tricks for your request

As the idea suggests, your request is your advertising, so sell it well. But before you start, we have some suggestions for you here. How to submit your application to be fully convinced. How to prepare for a job interview in the best possible way and how our online application system works.

Application process

Want to apply for a job? It is a very simple and uncomplicated process if you know how to do it right. We only accept electronic applications submitted through our job search on the Internet. To help you plan yourself in the best possible way, the deadline between submitting your application and receiving the job offer is generally six to eight weeks. Depending on the level of employment, it may take longer, but it may also be faster.

The basic element: the application file

You must prepare the application file with great care, and only include the most essential: a letter of introduction, a resume, as well as the references and certificates that are relevant to the site advertised.

The letter of presentation: brief and concise

All application files must include a letter of presentation. Here he will have to explain why he is so interested in the place, and why he is the best candidate. Be brief: presentation letters should not be higher than one page DIN A4. It must be accurate: Explain what practical experience it has. Say why it fits in place. If the position has an international dimension, you can write your request, for example, in English.

Focus on the most important: the curriculum

Brief, structured, accurate: this is how your CV should be. We do not want you to write a novel. Focus on items that are related to the job you want. Make sure you explain the responsibilities you had to your last job. These are our tips for writing your resume: Personal data, education with specialized subjects, and qualifications. Indicate your work experience in reverse chronological order, that is, always indicate your current job first. Do you really have so many things to tell us? If so, indicate the link to your profile on Xing or LinkedIn.

Only relevant information: References and certificates

Check carefully which references and certificates are relevant to the site. Do you stand out because it has additional qualifications that make it especially suitable for your job? If so, indicate which ones are. We are also very interested in: any work practice, stay in other countries (indicate the exact period) and language or IT courses. By the way, being highly motivated, willing to learn, and be flexible are features that seem to be more important than references and certificates.

A professional approach gives its fruit: the photograph of your request

A photograph is not mandatory, but it can help. But for this, you must be professional. Ask your friends to help you choose the right picture. By the way, be bold! The design and color elements highlight a request file. Feel free to express your originality. We are cool to see your file. Because we always look for creative talents.

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