Monday, April 13, 2020

Play the international version of TikTok to make money, the main way to make money:

Play the international version of TikTok to make money, the main way to make money:

Like most social networks, the international version of TikTok is very suitable for Internet celebrities, and the old TikTokers can make huge profits on the platform.
Although TikTok is not as mature as YouTube, the popularity of TikTok cannot be overstated. Look at the picture below:

The main way to make money on TikTok:

Please note that you must be at least 16 years old to start making money directly on TikTok (with your parents' consent). At least 18 years of age can directly conduct legal transactions with brands and third parties.
Requirements: At least 1,000 fans are required to start live streaming
Fans can give you coins during the live broadcast. After accumulating enough money to cash out, you can exchange coins for real cash.
Think of coins as TikTok's virtual currency. The number of coins purchased by TikTok users varies from 100 coins to 10,000 coins. The price of each package varies at different times, depending on the size and currency of the package they purchased.
For example, users can buy 100 virtual coins for US $ 0.99. They store the coins in an online wallet and then throw the coins to their favorite TikTokers while watching the show. TikTok and Google / Apple (depending on your platform) reserve some commissions.
Live broadcasters can redeem gift points at any time, up to $ 1,000 per day.

Cooperation with brands:

TikTok is the same as most other social platforms. As long as you have enough fans, various brands will contact you and discuss cooperation with you.
For example, if your fan base is between 13 and 18-year-old girls, then brands that expect to sell products to girls will be interested in you. This is the niche fan we often talk about.
Top TikTokers can earn US $ 50,000 to 150,000 through successful brand cooperation.

Participate in brand sponsored events:

Some TikTokers can make money through the platform. Brands usually attract them to appear in events such as Beautycon or Comicon.
If you have a sufficient fan base on TikTok, you may consider setting up a Shopify e-commerce store to sell your products
The first step in selling goods is to first build a community. You can do this easily by interacting with TikTok fans.
In fact, TikTok videos can be created to sell any type of merchandise, not just Shopify stores. If you want to sell handicrafts on Etsy, make a video to showcase your DIY products (may even include your actual production technology) and upload it to your TikTok channel.
One way to sell your own products is to participate in affiliate marketing. You can recommend certain products to fans and provide a link to take them directly to the online store to buy products. According to the transactions with related companies, you can get a certain commission.

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Full platform promotion:

Just like Li Ziqi, a full video promotion platform.
For example, you can build an audience by promoting potential live broadcasts on all social networks. Similarly, you can also create TikTok wonderful videos uploaded to YouTube channels, and make sure to add YouTube ads in front.
The average person regularly uses three to four social media applications. TikTok is one of them, but many people do not use TikTok. By cross-promoting your products and TikTok activities, you can expand your overall audience and potential consumer market.

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