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Step by step instructions to Make Slow Motion TikTok Videos on Android

Step by step instructions to Make Slow Motion TikTok Videos on Android 

There are two different ways to back off TikTok. One approach to shoot video with TikTok is to take a video in moderate movement. Another route is to alter the video you shot and make it moderate movement.

Presently I will clarify the particular technique.

Technique 1: Shoot TikTok recordings in moderate movement 

Start the TikTok application and tap the "+" in the lower center to enter the shooting screen.

Tap "Pick music" at the highest point of the screen and select your main tune. Tap "Speed" on the privilege and select the shooting speed. There are five velocities: "0.1x", "0.5x", "1x", "2x", and "3x".

0.5x: The melody can be taken out early when recording, and eased back down when really playing.

0.1x: more slow than 0.5x.

1x: Standard speed.

2x: The account itself is moderate, and the genuine gushing is quicker. (Opposite of 0.5x, 0.1x)

3x: Faster than 2x.

Select "2x" or "3x" and tap the red catch in the center to begin taking TikTok recordings in moderate movement.

Shooting in '' 2x '' or '' 3x '' moderate movement makes it simpler to coordinate the tune, makes it simpler to sing the verses, and makes it simpler to impersonate troublesome developments, so anybody can without much of a stretch make it like a music video You can shoot recordings on

Strategy Two: Throw TikTok Videos with Time Effect 

Tap "Transfer" to one side of the shoot button, select the video you need to back off, and tap "Next".

Tap "Extraordinary effects"> "Time impact" at the base right. Move the yellow vertical line to the point you need to back off and tap "Moderate movement" to add it to the video.

Tap Save> Next> Post to share the moderate movement video.

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