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How To Make Money on fiverr

What is Fiverr?

fiverr is online freelancing market place which provides services for the buyers and seller at the same place and time all over the world without any resistence by govt.

How to Make Money on Fiverr?

Do you want to learn how to make a Fiverr gig in 2020. Because Fiverr is one of the easiest places to start monetizing your skills to turn the things you know how to do into clients and money online for anyone trying to build a business online Fiverr.
Can be a very useful tool to get some clients earn some active income and then give you enough income that you have time to work on things like passive income for the first time in years. I have just restarted offering a gig on Fiverr so that I can teach you this and maybe you'll want to collaborate with me and making some videos first the key thing to do before you even create your gig especially if you don't have a fiver profile or if you want to take five or seriously is to pick a username that you can use in definitely I'm using my name as I'll tab over and show you on my profile here I'm using Anam Khan. I've lost my level two seller profile because of the username i chose originally was foolish it was in the habit of just picking a username online instead of my name if you want to change.

Choose Perfect and Seo Friendly User Name:

your username you have to deactivate your old account and start a new account therefore the first key thing is to pick a name you can use indefinitely because Fiverr is something that can snowball for you you can earn a full-time income on Fiverr I've spent five plus thousand dollars on Fiverr hiring freelancers. I've sold 50 plus gigs on my Fiverr profile although none recently I've just relaunched this Fiverr profile finally with a really good URL it's just slash Anam Khan. You want something that people can search for and find you I want people when they Google Anam Khan to be able to find my Fiverr profile because guess what.
I get start making money right away as soon as someone Google's me therefore I recommend use your name something that you're going to stick with forever you might find it hard to believe that you will change the services you offer change people you collaborate and work with change business names your name is a really good thing to use indefinitely I've learned this the hard way losing my level two seller profile losing all my ratings and reviews from my old profile to switch to something. I can use indefinitely it's worth the switch it's very easy to deactivate an old account and start new now how do we actually create the gig what we go to do over here is once we sign up all we need to do is go into our selling interface or we can go on our dashboard over here then we can go up to selling and click on gigs.

Attractive Gigs: 

Now I've got an active gig there's really good news to your gig publishes immediately if you're wondering whether it has to get way too listed or approved or something like that no the gigs publish immediately even if you have a brand new seller account which is great news you do need videos to go through moderation and if you do not put a gig that complies with the Terms of Service you can get it removed after you publish it I've put one up and it's immediately available which is awesome what I will do I've got an active gig up I'll show you the active gig and then I'll walk you through the draft this is how a gig looks once you've got it up first you need to know all the gigs are in this. I will produce or I will format then you do whatever you will offer after that for me I say I will produce a response video this means on my gig .I thought about my offering a lot therefore before you even put a gig up you want to think a lot about your offering about how much you're going to earn what kinds of things you actually want to sell and deliver the worst mistake you can make on Fiverr is to offer to do something you won't enjoy doing I'm gonna make myself big and say this again because it's really important even though people yeah stop repeating yourself it's really important do not offer to do things you don't want to actually do for example

Offer Trending Topic Gigs :

I offered to produce SEO articles at one point on Fiverr it was an absolutely miserable gig I hated it it was something like varicose vein articles and I offered to do something the client was unhappy I hated doing it and I didn't even make hardly any money off of it that is the worst thing you can do is to waste your time and a client's time and not even make any
money therefore it's worth putting a lot of time and thought beforehand into exactly what you would actually like to do I love making videos as you can see I'm a boy well I don't know if you're reading or listening this you might not be able to see it as you probably can see on YouTube I love making videos and therefore it's logical for me to offer something related to what I love to do I thought about what kind of gig I'd like to make and all the possible problems for hours before I actually went and put my gig up think your gig all the way through think your gig into success think about things going well think about things going wrong.

Gig Promotion:

Myself not anything through organic search or organic traffic on Fiverr all therefore I've made up generic gig and anything from a happy birthday video to a watch my sales pitch and respond video. I've made a generic gig that I can just offer across all of my following on social media to my profile on Facebook when you're thinking of a gig you want to think of something that your friends and family could potentially buy from you that anyone you know would be proud to buy from you I encourage not putting any gigs up you wouldn't want people to know about and encourage putting gigs up that are easy and predictable to deliver this is easy and predictable for me to deliver I take either text images or videos I throw those up on my green screen background and I go through and deliver that real simple real easy. I thought about offering a tutorial gig and this is much more difficult and not as predictable I suggest really plan your gig out and conceive it and consider and think your gig through before you offer it because I put up a lot of gigs very quickly before and most of the gigs I just threw up trying to imitate other people thinking hey I can do that those gigs were the ones I didn't like doing and I got poor reviews on Fiverr is all designed around you need to get good reviews you need to deliver good service you need to do a good job therefore I can't say enough about do a really good job planning your gig out before you actually try and set it up once you go through and set it up if you've planned it well everything else will be pretty straightforward so let's look through some more of the things that are on the gig page to help you with planning first you've got the title and five rise a lot of characterlimits you will need to put everything in fivers exact format I use as fewer words possible to produce a response video that's exactly what I'm doing I'm not creating anything original I'm literally taking what you give me and responding to it based on people wanting me to watch videos based on people having questions based on people enjoying my Article I've created this service because it's something I love doing and it's a natural service related to what I already do if you do graphic design you could have a graphic design service if you do voiceovers you could say something like I will produce a voiceover. If you do singing I will sing your song if you like to do I will do a dance video for you whatever you like to do and this is room for innovation if you're new to working online you might want to test some things out before even putting a Fiverr gig up figure things out informally before you go forward with it assuming you've got an idea of what you want then you've got basic elements here firstthis part is where the image or video goes right here in the middle then.

You've got your profile over here with your picture your name and this why your username is so important a user name will show on the page now I have an advantage when I use my name because myname is already all over the place online when I used to have a user name that was so wasteful because you wouldn't recognize my user name right away versus when you see my name therefore I have an advantage in organic search traffic if someone's already seen my website and they're browsing through and my user name catches their eye I'm more likely to get an order through organic search traffic which equals higher placement which equals more money which equals more reviews which equals even more and more and more that's why you really want to pick something that anyone could easily recognize you might think it doesn't matter well Anam no one knows me online you never know all I that's why I think the user names so important then I've put up here what I do in the one-liner so I put I teach I entertain what am i doing every day I'm teaching entertaining vlogging and podcasting daily that's what I do this gives an idea of my skill set right there then you've got your country and when you remember then that you've got a little spot under here and what I do is the thing to showcase my work under here I've got the days I've been entrepreneur online to give people idea that I've been doing this for a long time that I teach video classes have books blog post YouTube videos podcast episodes and music out that when you take a look at my profile you can immediately see what I've created and produced in a simple statistical format online then I can also keep that updated the profile is a very important part of your gig because I look at gigs and consider profiles heavily before. I actually order your profile is there to build trust you want to make sure to set up your profile good before you even get into your gig now once you've got your profile set up is time you're ready to get into the gig learn about the different parts of the gig here is the second big part of the gig outside of your profile I guess that's the third you've got order packages if you select three packages and I highly recommend doing this because this is how you are able to get lots of money in the basic three package allows for different types of buyers.

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