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10 Most Famous Computer Viruses in the World

10 Most Famous Computer Viruses Throughout History

The name of a computer virus is certainly very annoying and also harmful. No one wants a computer or laptop to get a virus. Because it can cause a lot of losses, so many people do prevention by installing anti-virus. Throughout the computer world, there are 10 viruses that are known to be very troublesome and also troublesome. Let's look together, these are the 10 most famous computer viruses in history.

1. The Morris Worm

Having a long name Robert Tappan Morris, he is a computer expert and an entrepreneur from the United States. He became a famous man in the world thanks to the virus he made. The virus is named after its name, The Morris Worm. This virus began attacking a number of computers in 1988.

The appearance of The Morris Worm in 1988 was recognized as the first worm in the internet world. The worm Morris created infects as many as 10% of computers in the world connected via the internet. Computers that are attacked by the Morris Worm will immediately decrease performance. Now Morris works as a professor at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

2. The Concept Virus

In its distribution, viruses can use all kinds of tools from USB, diskettes, internet networks, and also CD-ROMs. The virus was recorded as the first virus that attacked the word document called The Concept Virus. The Concept Virus spread accidentally through a CD-ROM sold by Microsoft in 1995.

The Concept Virus attacks all word document files. It did not take long, this virus spread to a number of countries in the world. Concept Virus attacks template macros in Microsoft Word.

3. Stuxnet

Many people believe that this one virus was made by the Israeli Defense Force together with the United States government. The United States and Israel reportedly deliberately made this virus to carry out war in the waya world or known as cyberware. The aim is to disrupt the nuclear launch of the Iranian state.

This American and Israeli virus has finally succeeded in attacking PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) which allows running processes automatically on the machine. Spread via USB, this virus will attack all computers that have Siemens programs. After the virus enters, this virus will affect the working speed of the engine.

4. Storm Worm

Virus Storm Worm also known as Peacomm and Nuwar. On January 19, 2007, 200 million emails contained a link to download Storm Worm. But to be able to spread, the victim needs to click on the link. If it is written on a virus, obviously people will not click it instead. Because that is the title that makes people tempted to click on it, "As Many As 230 People In Europe Died Due To Storm Attack".

When the victim clicks on the link. automatically the virus will work right away. Storm Worm allows hackers to control the victim's computer remotely. After that, hackers will use it to send junk / spam emails to other people. Can also be used to spread video links or fake news.

5. Sasser and Netsky-AC

Sasser and Netsky-AC are 2 worm-type viruses that were deliberately made by a teenager from Germany named Sven Jaschan. Jaschan was later found guilty of creating the two worms and was sentenced to prison. Jaschan is finally free and is employed by a security company as an ethical hacker.

Netsky and Sasser spread through e-mail and Windows networks, increasing internet traffic and causing Denial of Service / DoS attacks. The Netsky and Sasser viruses and their variants are believed to be responsible for 25% of all computer viruses on the internet. When this virus has attacked a computer, this virus will make the user unable to turn off the computer.

6. SQL Slammer

Released in January 2003, this virus is responsible for the chaos of computer networks and systems in the world. Causing losses of up to 1 billion USD. SQL Slammer is also known as The Slammer and Sapphire. Is a famous virus that attacks web servers. The world internet network had experienced problems due to the act of SQL Slammer.

Spread very quickly, this virus can interfere with both private and public networks. Obviously this disturbs the future of the internet world if left unchecked. SQL Slammer sends very large amounts of data packets, causing the server to almost die. Bank of America and the 911 emergency system in Washington are victims of SQL Slammer.

7. Melissa

Don't imagine Melissa as the name of a beautiful woman. Originally, the virus was named after one of the erotic dancers in Florida. Melissa is a deadly virus made by a man named David L. Smith. David made this virus in 1999.

The Melissa virus in the form of a word document was posted on usenet group. It is claimed that the contents are a list of emails and passwords from pornographic sites. This obviously makes a lot of people curious and clicks on it. Once opened, this virus will send itself via email, making increasing email traffic. As a result of the Melissa virus, the losses caused are estimated to reach 80 million USD.

8. Conficker Virus

Also known as Downup or Downadup. Conficker is a virus that is included in the worm class. First attacked the computer in 2008. This virus exploits the weakness of computers to make botnets. Botnet itself is a set of interconnected programs through the internet that communicate with similar programs to perform certain tasks.

This virus can be famous for successfully infecting as many as 9 million computers worldwide. These include computers in government, companies, and individuals. Able to cause losses that reached 9 billion USD, Conficker will reset all accounts on the computer, turn off the Windows update feature, close access to antivirus websites, and turn off a number of important services running on the computer. This virus forced Microsoft to work with several antivirus companies to be able to remove the virus.

9. Code Red

Code Red first appeared in 2001. Its appearance was known by eEye Digital Security employees. By them, the virus is named Code Red. The reason why the name Code Red is given is quite unique. The virus was found when they were drinking the Red Mountain Dew Code.

Viruses that include these worms usually attack computers that have Microsoft IIS installed. When it has been attacked, this virus will take advantage of loopholes in the system. Code Red will duplicate itself on the computer. Of course this makes the system run more slowly.


I love you is English from I like you. Of course anyone will be happy if they get the greeting from the person they like. But in the computer world the story is different. I Love You is the deadliest and most famous virus in the history of the computer world.

As many as 10% of computers in the world that are connected to the internet, are thought to have contracted this virus. The loss is not kidding, estimated at 10 billion USD. Made by 2 Filipinos, Reonel Ramones and Onel Guzman. The virus maker makes this virus so that the victim clicks on an attachment that contains a virus. Once clicked, the virus will spread to all e-mail addresses in the e-mail list and make the computer unable to enter boot.

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